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V. A. Vazquez, alias Empyrisan
· They/Them ·

I'm a freelance visual artist, primarily creating character-driven illustrations and designs for small-print publishing art books, games, and private clients. I love drawing fantastical beasts and winged things, storytelling through my art and sketches, and studying mythology.

I currently do 2D game art assets for the browser-based game Flight Rising, and I'm looking to do illustration work for animation, book covers, and other interesting projects that can benefit from my artistic voice!



Flight Rising

I illustrated various art assets for the browser-based pet sim game Flight Rising.

These include familiars, icons, and gene designs that appear across FR's selection of dragon breeds.


Empyrisan Illustrations

Want me to have a go at illustrating your characters or do some fanwork? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Status: Currently Closed






Part of a personal project to exercise my skills for character and creature design, I'm selling the results of my efforts as adoptables for others' enjoyment!




✦ Payment & Delivery

  • I accept PayPal only, unless stated otherwise.

  • Please pay within 24 hours of claiming an adopt. No long-term reservations can be made, unless stated otherwise.

  • Once full payment has been made, you will receive a full-resolution .PNG file of the original artwork of your adopt (including their name, color palette, and lore), and a transparent version of the artwork alone.

  • Delivery of the artwork files will be done via email or direct message, with a download link or attachment provided.

  • Download links will be available for 30 days after delivery. Please be sure to save the artwork files as soon as possible!

  • If you lose the artwork files of your adopt, you may contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!

✦ Artist Rights

  • Please credit me, Empyrisan, as the artist! Not every single instance is necessary; on the character's bio page or reference sheet caption, or in a caption for the original artwork will suffice.

  • Credit on artwork made by you or commissioned by another artist isn't required, but appreciated if you wish to give me a shout out for the design!

  • I still retain the rights of the original artwork and may display or use the original artwork for promotional purposes.

  • Please do not use the original artwork for profit. Do not trace, manipulate, or deface the artwork.

  • Names, color palettes, and lore of adopts may be reused for future designs, but I'll do my best to make sure your adopt stays unique!

  • My adopt breeds are my own creations for personal projects, and while I don't consider them to be "closed species" in a traditional sense, I would prefer people to be respectful and not claim them as their own! You are free, however, to reference them for your applicable adopt as needed!

✦ Ownership Rights

  • Feel free to post the original artwork on your blog/gallery/social media page! (ex. DeviantART, Tumblr, Toyhou.se)

  • The transparent version can be reused to make a new reference sheet!

  • The adopt's design, breed, name, and lore are for jumpstarting creativity, and you are free to change anything to your liking! You can turn them into personal characters and fursonas!

  • These adopts are for personal, non-commercial uses only. For profit-based projects, please contact me.

  • You may gift/trade/resell your adopt for the price you purchased them for. In the case of art packages (commissions, additional content and development of the adopt), you may charge a higher price.

  • If the adopt changes ownership, please let me know! And please direct new owners to this page!

  • If you have any other concerns, contact me via email: [email protected]


I'm available for freelance work!
Feel free to contact me via email for professional work-related inquiries.

[email protected]